Airline Baggage Allowances UK

Baggage Allowances and Baggage Restrictions on Flights - by Amy Nutt

In airline terms, baggage allowance means the total amount of luggage that a passenger can carry on an airline flight.

Airline Baggage Allowances UK

Airline Baggage Allowances UK

The amount of luggage one can bring on a flight can vary among airlines. Generally, there is a certain amount that one can check and carry on for free and a charge will be added for any extra baggage. There can also be a set limit with no option to carry on any extra baggage. Before traveling to the airport, you should find out what type of baggage and how much you can carry on a flight.

Airline Baggage Allowances UKAirlines will normally check luggage according to weight and size. The airline official will weigh the luggage and if the weight exceeds the limit, the passenger will be informed so as to make the appropriate adjustments. Passengers will often divide the luggage into two suitcases in order to reduce the weight. Passengers can then avoid weight restrictions by carrying one item on the plane with them. Some airlines will calculate weight according to the total weight of all the luggage pieces, while others will calculate weight for each piece separately. Weight restrictions can also be calculated according to the method one is flying such as Business, Economy, and First Class. The higher the flight status, the heavier the item one can check. Carry-on luggage tends to be measured according to size. The dimensions of the carry-on piece will be measured. It is important to note that for security reasons, there are certain items such as lighters and liquids that will be prohibited from being carried on the plane.

Airline Baggage Allowances UKBecause there are a number of items that are prohibited from being checked on a flight or taken directly on an airplane, you should check the airline for specific items prior to going to the airport. However, they generally include: sharp objects such as scissors, sporting goods, guns and firearms, liquids, tools, martial arts and self defense items, explosive and flammable materials such as lighters, immobilizing chemicals such as pepper spray, and other dangerous items.

Before packing your items for flights, you should first understand important terms regarding what airlines define as baggage.

What is a "personal item"?

Here is a list of what most airlines consider "personal items:"

Handbag - Briefcase - Laptop - Small book-bag style backpack - Other similar items that do not exceed 91cm (length + width + height) will be allowed such as a small tote bag or shoulder bag.

Additional items that will be allowed above and beyond what is listed above include:

Outer garments such as coats/wraps/hats - Approved safety seat for lap or ticketed child - Umbrella stroller for lap or ticketed child - Diaper bag for lap or ticketed child - Book or newspaper - Small bag of food that is consumable - Assistive devices for passengers such as wheelchairs, walkers and CPAP machines - Therapeutic oxygen provided by the airline.

You can either contact your airline directly or check online airline sites to find all of the information that you need to answer your questions about baggage allowances and baggage restrictions on flights. Online sites will include such information as what you can carry, what you can check, baggage fees, weight and size limitations, what is too big, and how much luggage is really too much for a flight. Having the knowledge prior to your flight will save a lot of time and frustration at the airport.

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