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US Airline Logos

American Airline / Aircell logos

American Airlines has a white undercarriage with the red white & blue stripes wrapped around the whole aircraft, the top half is blue with the Aircell logo written in red towards the front, and finally the white tail with the AA American Airline logo on both sides.

American Airlines has a white undercarriage with the red white & blue stripes

transcontinental 767-200s will be equipped with Wi-Fi and broadband access via Aircell, which is why it has Aircell written instead of American Airlines.

This is the standard American Airlines colours white all over with the red white & blue stripes around the centre, the AA logo on the tail and American written towards the front of the aircraft.

Delta Airline

Delta Airline aircraft are white with a blue horizontal band covering the window section with a red bit around the nose,the tail is mainly blue with a red flash on the top, Delta Airline logo comprises of two 3-dimensional triangles representing a larger triangle with the world DELTA next to it. The logo has undergone some changes over the years with the the logo being placed sideways, made softer etc, but the current logo is probably the most significant change with the introduction of the solid red colour.

Delta airline is a large United States airline, its headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta is the second-largest airline in the world (American Airlines is the largest).

Delta Airline fleet information

3 x Boeing 737-700 passengers 124

71 x Boeing 737-800 passengers 160

134 x Boeing 757-200 passengers 134

21 x Boeing 767-300 passengers 262

59 x Boeing 767-300 passengers 217

21 x Boeing 767-400ER passengers 285 domestic 246 international

8 x Boeing 777-200ER passengers 268

2 x Boeing 777-200LR passengers 276

117 McDonnell Douglas MD-88 passengers 117

16 McDonnell Douglas MD-90 passengers 150


Taca's old logo was five golden flying macaws in formation, representing the five original constituent airlines. Each airline flies similar aircraft in similar paint schemes, but retains its own name on the fuselage.


old Taca Airline logo


Taca Airlines headquarters are in San Salvador, El Salvador and is the flag carrier of Central America. Taca Airline was founded in 1931

Eos Airline was established in 2004, initially named Atlantic Express it changed its name to Eos in 2005. Eos Airline's main bases were London Stanstead and JFK International Airport, the Airline ceased operations and declared bankruptcy in April 2008.

Eos Airline aircraft fleet

6 x Boeing 757-200

AirTran Airline was founded in 1992, its headquarters are in Orlando Florida.

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AirTran aircraft fleet information

86 x Boeing 717-200

53 x Boeing 737-700



Continental Airlines logo

Continental Airlines Established in 1934 is based in Houston, Texas, it is the fourth largest Airline in the USA

Continental Airlines aircraft fleet information

47 x Boeing 737-300

55 x Boeing 737-500

36 x Boeing 737-700

144 x Boeing 737-800

14 x Boeing 737-900

14 x Boeing 737-900ER

41 x Boeing 757-200

17 x Boeing 757-300

10 x Boeing 767-200ER

16 x Boeing 767-400ER

20 x Boeing 777-200ER


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