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German Airline Logos/Tail Markings

TUIfly Airline logo

TUIfly Airline aircraft have a white undercarriage the rest of the aircraft is bright yellow towards the front is the logo, and on the tail is the red coloured logo.

Hapag-Lloyd Fluggesellschaft was founded in 1972

In summer 2007, the TUI AG Group in Germany owns 48 aircraft, which means that TUI operates the third-largest German fleet after Lufthansa and Air Berlin, carrying more than 12.5 million passengers per annum. As from mid-January 2007, the entire aircraft fleet, which originated from Hapagfly and  HLX, will operate under the new, amalgamated airline brand TUIfly.

Air Berlin Airline logos

Air Berlin airline aircraft have red engines and undercarriage which goes up at the back to cover the back section inline with the front of the tail, making the tail all red as well, the tail has Air Berlin written in white on red, the fuselage is white with Air Berlin in red towards the front of the aircraft above the windows.

Originally founded in 1978 Air Berlin GmbH & Co. Luftverkehrs KG", which grew out of Air Berlin Inc.,Air Berlin airline to operate flights in 1992 with two Boeing jets and 150 employees

Air Berlin Fleet information

Airbus 330-300 / 330-200 (1) / 330-200 (2) No.3/7/3
Seats: 325/303/257

Airbus 321-200 - No.4 Seats: 210

Airbus 320-200 - No.32 Seats: 174

Airbus 319-112 / 319-132 - No.7/4
Seats: 150/144

Boeing 757-200 - No.2 Seats: 209

Boeing 767-300ER - No.1 - Seats: 252

Boeing 737-800 - No.36 - Seats: 186

Boeing 737-700 - No.14 - Seats: 144

Boeing 737-300 - No.7 - Seats: 136

Fokker F100 - No.8 - Seats: 100


Lufthansa Airline logo

Lufthansa is the most common known German Airline it is white in colour with a blue tail, the blue tail has a yellow circular logo containing a blue bird style logo. Lufthansa brand name is clearly marked on each side of the aircraft.

Lufthansa, created in Germany in 1926, is one of the world's largest airlines.

Deutsche Lufthansa AG consists of a fleet of over 300 jets

30 x Boeing 747-400, passengers max 344

20 x Airbus A340-600, passengers max 306

28 x Airbus A340-300, passengers max 247

14 x Airbus A330-300, passengers max 221

13 x Airbus A300-600, passengers max 280

32 x Airbus A321, passengers max 190

36 x Airbus A320, passengers max 156

20 x Airbus A319, passengers max 132

33 x Boeing 737-300, passengers max 127

30 x Boeing 737-500, passengers max 111

18 x Avro RJ85, passengers max 93

12 x CRJ900, passengers max 84

20 x CRJ700, passengers max 70

22 x CRJ100/200, passengers max 50

19 x MD11F Cargo

Here is a list of flight destinations for Lufthansa

Lufthansa destinations

LTU Airline logo

LTU Airline aircraft like most airlines change designs from time to time, this older aircraft is white on the bottom half and red on the top half with a thick white horizontal stripe over the windows around the whole aircraft, the tail is also red with LTU Airline logo in white on both sides.

LTU Airline was founded in 1955, is's based in Dusseldorf, Germany. The Parent company of LTU is Airberlin.

LTU Airline fleet information

9 x Airbus A330-200

3 x Airbus A330-300

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